The small West African nation of Sierra Leone is endowed with plenty of mineral and natural resources. However, the nation ranks among the poorest in the world because of chronic mismanagement; the lingering effects of the brutal civil war that raged for a decade; the devastating effects of the Ebola epidemic of 2014; and the August 14, 2017 catastrophic mudslide, all of which resulted in a massive loss of lives, thousands of orphans, and a surviving population left with little or no economic opportunities. Against this backdrop the Lord steered the hearts of His children, a small but impassioned group of young people with a deep hunger for change, to arise and do something to alleviate the plight of the poor and suffering masses in Sierra Leone, much like the Bible Character Nehemiah did.


Just over 20yrs ago, on May 22, 1997 a group of Christian students being members of SLEFES’ (Sierra Leone Fellowship of Evangelical Students’) Bible Study Union (BSU) at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone got together for their usual Thursday night fellowship called “Main Meeting”. Main meetings were usually a time of singing, drumming, and dancing in praise and worship to God; but on this particular night something more than just the normal fellowship happened. As the praise fellowship continued the students felt the presence of God in a very special way. The visitation of God was evidenced by prophecies concerning the nation. Among several prophetic messages that were received that night was the declaration that something spectacular was about to happen that would shake the nation of Sierra Leone. What became particularly noteworthy about that prophecy was that just a little over 48 hours after that message, there came the manifestation. The nation awoke on Sunday morning to sounds of gun shots and pandemonium in the capital city. The people of Sierra Leone were to learn later that morning that a group of military officers had staged a coup de tat and toppled the democratic government of then President Ahmad Tejan-Kabba.

The following nine months that came to be known as “the Revo” were dark days for the country and people of Sierra Leone. Yet, the Lord gave specific instruction to the brothers and sisters of the BSU to remain on campus and continue in fellowship and prayer as the Lord promised to make the campus (Mount Auroel) a mountain of refuge. Indeed, those nine months of believers being together were like an extended spiritual retreat during which the civil war raged, many people became displaced from their homes and sought refuge on Fourah Bay College campus, just as the Lord said, and more importantly, many prophecies were given by the Lord through His children concerning the nation of Sierra Leone. One prophecy that stood out among the lot was God’s promise that He would take many of His children to far away nations, train them in various ways and in diverse disciplines, and that there would come a time when He would return them to the home land and use them to transform the nation in all spheres.

So it was that all that generation of students who were on campus eventually graduated and went into the working world. Indeed, many of them traveled far from home to different countries in almost all continents of the world, and for the next twenty years many forgot the prophecies on mount Auroel.

The war continued, and officially ended in 2002. Within the twenty years following that 1997 prophecy Sierra Leone went through floods, fire disasters, economic hardship, and the Ebola virus disease – one of the worst in recorded human history, all of which were largely exacerbated by greed and high rates of mismanagement by public officials.

As if the nation hadn’t suffered enough, on August 14, 2017 Sierra Leone experienced a catastrophic event that became a wake-up call. It had been raining heavily in Freetown, the nation’s capital, for a few days leading up to the 14th and in the early hours of that fateful morning Mount Sugar Loaf, one of the few remaining green sceneries of Freetown, gave way to mudslide. It was reported that the death toll may have gone as much as 1000 people.

In the days and weeks following that disaster Sierra Leoneans the world over were in sorrow, mourning, and seeking the Lord for answers. In our search for answers to what could God be saying about Sierra Leone, a small group of us got together on Facebook Messenger and started a chat Group to draw attention to the prophecies on Fourah Bay College and to pray. It turned out that 2017 became one very catastrophic year with natural disasters of epic proportions ranging from earthquakes, wild fires, floods, to terrorist attacks in America, China, Europe, and all over the world. So, as more people joined the group we encouraged one another to start doing something positive to impact the lives of people in the nations and communities where we find ourselves including helping low-income families here in the United States, to impact Sierra Leone, and ultimately to impact the world in a holistic manner, hence the name, Impact Nation 360.